Here’s How You Can Improve Your Professional Image

At BrandU Image Consulting, I have just one objective – to make you more successful than ever before by showing you how you can improve your personal brand.

First things first, have you tried to improve your personal or professional image?

Does your image really reflect the person that that you really are?

Does your image say you are a thorough professional?

Does your image say you are in expert in your field?

Does your image say you are trustworthy?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you should seriously consider improving your image. Just make sure that that you are changing your image for the right reasons.

Before commencing your image transformation, remember that your image should fit with what you are all about on the inside. If it doesn't then it won't seem genuine and you won't be able to maintain it.

Here are some tips on on how to improve your image.

  • Image is all about attitude. Think about who you are and what matters to you and then write those qualities down. Think about who embodies those qualities and be inspired by them. Movies, music, art and books are all great places to start when thinking about choosing a style icon. Once you have one, think about how you can adapt their look and make it your own.
  • Don't go from zero to hero. If you turn up on the first day of school after the holidays looking like a totally different person, people might think you've gone crazy. Take small steps and build on them until you've slowly created a new image without people really noticing.
  • Re-invent your own wardrobe. No one has the money to go out and buy a whole new closet and you probably don't need to anyway. All you have to do is streamline your current clothes. What do have that fits in with your new look? Can you wear things in a different way or in different combinations
  • Accessories are your friend. They are cheap and can make a massive difference to your look. Coloured scarves, hair clips, belts and jewellery can make a big impact and really finish a look. Accessories include watch, belt, tie, tie-pins, cuff links, pocket squares, lapel pins or brooches.
  • Make-up can make all the difference. Make-up pulls a whole outfit together and is an essential element of most looks. The great thing about make-up is it comes off instantly, so play around with lots of different styles. 
  • Grooming is equally important. Well trimmed beard, clean nails and good skin care are part of the grooming routine. If you wear good looking clothes and not groomed all effort will be a waste.
  • Assess the change. Once your style transformation is complete, take a step back and look in the mirror... Is that really you? If you feel weird, uncomfortable and awkward then your new image probably isn't reflecting what you're all about.

In my 3-hour seminar 'ROI of First Impressions', I share loads of practical tips on how you can get started with improving your personal image. My practical tips are easy to incorporated into your daily routine so that you can benefit with immediate results. Here are the details about the next seminar.