Power of Personal Branding

Personal Branding is how people remember you. If you do not brand yourself, others will do it for you.  Don't let others create YOUR Personal Brand! 

Attend this preview seminar to see how you can create an attractive, strong and a successful personal brand.

Here are just a few reasons why you should attend this 3-hour workshop -

  • Get the tools and techniques to improve your personal brand
  • Identify the strengths and areas that you can improve on
  • Grow in your career
  • Open doors to new opportunities
  • Stand out in the increasingly competitive world
  • Establish trust and credibility
  • Free tools and techniques to improve your personal brand
  • Define what you stand for
  • Attract new clients, employees and employers

You are your biggest asset. Learn how to get the best out of it.

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What Participants Say


Key Benefits

  • Grow your net-worth
  • Grow in your career
  • Grow your business
  • Make your own mark in the industry
  • Get noticed by potential employers
  • Get noticed by clients and customers

Who should attend:

  • Small business owners
  • Professionals
  • Artists/Fashion Designers/Interior Designers
  • Students
  • Employees
  • Startup owners
  • Trainers


  • ABCDE of Personal Branding
  • Psychological Keys to create a powerful Personal Brand
  • Use the same formula celebrities use to create Personal Brand
  • Define your Personal Brand
  • Practical Tips to start building impactful Personal Brand

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"The Power of Personal Branding" is amazing.
Even though it is only a 3 hour program with just the basics of image management, the content is amazingly well thought out.

The use of ABCDE to explain the image management as a novel idea and registered very well in my mind.  I am already looking forward to attending the in-depth workshop with my friends and family."

- Dr. Ajay Lahoti

Dear Ms Jigna Shah,  We were delighted to participate in the 3 hour seminar organized by you at Image Consulting, Banjara Hills yesterday.

The lucid presentation, interaction with audience and self assessment exercises ensured our full attention on a Friday evening. Am positive that many first time entrepreneurs and young professionals would benefit from the Image Blueprint enhancement. Indeed, it is an important takeaway from the seminar and the planned intensive workshop.

The ABCDEs of first impression from Appearance to Etiquette were nicely connected through anecdotes and personal testimonies.

Wishing you and the participants the very best from us true Hyderabadis !

- Marie & Jacob Varghese

Dear Jigna,

Thank you for offering us an initiative of this kind. I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop. Your exuberance and subject expertise kept us all enthralled and not to forget all your endeavors that made the workshop participative and interactive. A Saturday well spent. What a joy it was?

I wish you all the luck in your future endeavors. I recommend your work for anyone who wants to create a mark towards success in life and profession.

Best Sincerely,
- Saira

“I am an ICBI  alumi  and although I have learned these concepts previously… LOVED the simplicity and format in which this was put forward. Kudos Jigna!"
  - Neily Naidu, Image Consultant
“Awesome! Got self-awareness to build my own brand! Thank you for the wonderful session."
  - Amit Tiwari, IT Consultant & Trainer  
“Very pleasant and insightful session, really helpful to understand the importance of image appearance and communication. A must attend to every individual to enhance the beauty inside and out. Thanks  Jigna Shah for an insightful session!"
  - Preeti Bajpai, Trainer  
“I enjoyed the session and the way you communicated and interacted with all. You got an  “omnipleasant"  personality and you are an awesome trainer. I would definitely like to benefit from your workshop and from the learnings of today’s session. Thank you! “
  - Farhana, Executive Assistant  
“Personal branding is very important in personal life to communicate with family and friends. In professional like, definitely yes, as to increase business, success and to impress clients. There’s a lot of communication gap in personal and professional life, which could be filled through this program. Really appreciable. “
  - Alpesh, Business Owner  
“It was a very fun and interactive session. Enjoyed a lot! “
  -  Somya  Mishra, Working Professional  
“Learned that appearance is absolutely important in branding and developing business. “
  - Sirisha Puduri, Business Owner  
“It was a very good meeting for me. I want to express myself but couldn’t. It will take some time, but I will do it. Thank you!”
  - Shobha G., Business Owner  
“It was a good session. It made me aware of myself. It’s a good and unique thought of helping others to build their personal brand. “
  - Syed Sayeed Pasha, Business Owner  
“Yes! Enjoyed a lot! Excellent program! “
  - Praveen, Artist
“Absolutely fantastic learning program! Surely will attend the intensive session."
  - Namita, Trainer
“It was a great session and what was discussed changed many perceptions of mine on how and what people think makes a dent in people’s minds. There were a lot of activities which reinforced our learning. “
  - Rachana A., Senior Faculty  
“Honestly, I have attended many seminars. This was one of the best! I am able to recondition myself now.  “Thanks  Jigna! Looking forward to more such sessions. “”
- Satish, Area Sales Manager
“I am very thankful to Jigna, who helped me understand the value of  “personal  brand. I think appearance and body language are some factors which I need to work on. “”
- Pratik Jain, Business Owner
“This session is definitely helpful in making  “good  impression, which should be taken into consideration."
  - Sandhya R., Customer Relationship Manager, Pratibha Hospital  
“I learned about personal brand. It can help me in changing myself and my communication. It is very helpful. I am inspired by this and want to change in myself. I hope it will help other people also. “
  - Irshad Ahmed, Student  
“The session was very informative and Jigna explained the concept really well. All the very best Jigna! “
  - Bimal Raj, Self Employed
“Excellent workshop!! Learned to be more aware of ourselves in order to change. “
  - Deepti Agarwal, Image Consultant  
“This was a very nice program and I am looking forward to more such inspirational programs. "
  - Medha  
“It was a Brand-Grand session! A life changing one! Wish you a happy new year 2018. Best wishes. "
  - D. R. K. Saikanth, Agricultural Researcher  
“It is a great workshop for personal branding…"
  - Manzoor Mustafa, Business Owner 
“…It is very interactive and interesting session. It will help my career. I will enroll for the next session. "
  - K. S. Kishore, Freelancer  
“Learned the importance of personal branding, ACT and ABC of personal branding, and need for change methodology for way forward."
  - Bharath C., Entrepreneur  
“It was awesome and highly inspirational. Learned many things… “
  - Dr. K. Madhu Babu, Professor  
“Personal branding concepts, examples and exercises are awesome! Very inspiring program."
  - Madhvi, IT Professional, mentor & coach  
“Learned how to take care of appearance which we seem to be ignoring…"
  - Anand Maniya, Business owner  
“I loved the way you kept it energizing and interactive…"
  - Sheila, Life coach  
“The session was great. Learnt how to collaborate with people and take such kind of sessions “
  - Sreeveni, Trainee at ICBI
“Would like to know the training / workshop modules / strategies and dates in March ’17… “
- Ritesh Ved
“… it will help my passion, ad making.”
  - P. Mulesh, Film Maker  
“I would need your assistance for a session on personality development & communication skills in the tourism industry"
  - Siraj Ansari, Travel Consultant
“… it is about moving from the comfort zone and move forward… “
  - Rafi  
"Session is amazing. Keep rocking… different ideas…"

- G. Narsinha, BPO
"I learned to change my lifestyle."
- S. Ravinder Reddy, Business Manager
"very good work being done…"
- N. Naresh Jain