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­Visual communication is the key. Image Management is the ongoing process of enhancing the ABCs of one’s image that is Appearance, Behavior, and Communication. The key elements of your image are dressing, grooming, etiquette, and body language – all working together in perfect harmony. The word image means "the impact of your appearance on others and on yourself."

Does your image have the desired influence on people? Is your image working for you or against you?

At, ‘BRANDU Image Consulting’, we help you to strategize and create their own brand ambassador with a lasting Impression and Executive Presence - for career advancement and personal growth,  through accurate Image Evaluations, practical and easy to apply Advice and option to acquire effective Life Skills. Brand is what people say about you when you are not present!

A company’s brand and image is through their top management, executives and employees.  As this ASSET grows in value and content, it helps executives fast-track their career-growth and companies to represent their business brand , towards overall professional growth and business success!

BrandU offers, an innovative synergized approach to ABC of Personal Image Management …

- Appearance is your statement; without speaking, you’re telling the world what you think of yourself and how others should perceive you. Learn about the 4 A’s of Appearance and Style.

- Behaviour and Etiquette has been define as a code of laws which binds society together and yet exercising a vast influence upon the well-being of mankind.

- Communication and Body-Language: An important element of non-verbal Communication, Body language is about signals that are constantly being exchanged and interpreted between people, even though much of the time this is happening on an unconscious level. Each nod, gesture, hand movement communicate to others. Make a conscious effort to improve your non-verbal communication.

… to represent an Authentic, Appropriate and Attractive brand-on image, positioned for success towards your targeted professional, social, business and/or personal goals.

REMEMBER: Image Management is NOT a makeover or a personality development class… it is more!

It is a Life skill which you incorporate in your daily appearance, behavioral and communication choices and see your self-esteem grow. It encompasses projecting an AUTHENTIC, APPROPRIATE, ATTRACTIVE, and AFFORDABLE Image, which is in sync with your life’s various roles, goals, and occasions.

Are you projecting the right image for the occasion?

BrandU offers One-To-One Consulting, Group Workshops, On-line Consulting and Corporate Training

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