Teens are the Future Leaders of our Families, our Communities and the World

Future Leaders is a dynamic motivational and leadership workshop for teens between the ages of 13 and 17 who have a sincere commitment to create extraordinary results in their lives. Teenagers are empowered to invent new possibilities, have the courage to face challenges and be free to create, grow, and be fully self-expressive.

Our Future Leaders program provides insights and tools for teenagers to enhance their self-esteem, improve their ability to communicate clearly, and to think critically about their problems in the context of the larger picture of life.  Teenagers have an opportunity to discover and redesign the limiting beliefs they have about themselves and others. These self-imposed limitations keep them from fully achieving their maximum capabilities.

Why Our Program is Unique

Future Leaders Program prepares teens for the challenging transition to adulthood. Our program uses Accelerated Learning concepts, are experiential and fun. 

This is the only program in South India which prepares the teens for the new and ever changing Digital World! How to be safe and secure in the digital world? 

We teach teens to find the correct solution by permitting them to make their own choices, assess the outcomes of those choices and receive constant feedback and coaching. Additionally, everyone has a chance to lead and each participant take turns leading their

Future Leaders Program is a comprehensive and complete experience that provides teens with the tools they need to obtain success in college and beyond. 


Our Program is Based on Developing 3 Core Skills

Self-Assessment: Teens are given opportunities to make decisions for themselves and to learn how to assess risk. They gain insight into how their actions influence or contribute to how others perceive them.

Self-Awareness: They are taught the impact of attitude, tone of voice, inclusiveness, and social skills on their relationships with others. Teens learn to form positive relationships, find balance within the group, and work together effectively as a team.

Leadership: Teens learn how to manage and lead groups. They practice leading activities for each other and gradually build on these skills by doing hands-on practical activities. Teens practice public speaking, learn how to get a group’s attention, thoughtfully consider logistics and resource allocation, adapt quickly to changing circumstances, and assess what worked and what they could have improved.

Soft Skills & Life Skills Account for 85% of Success!

Future Leaders teaches life skills that teenagers will need to succeed through out their lives. The program covers a wide range of skills that should be but are never covered in schools. 

Your child will gain confidence, learn to deal with peer pressure, handle stress and be able to manage time. Your child will gain the following:

Superb Communication | Reduce Frustration | Improve Relationships with Friends & Family | Better Readiness for Exams | Increase Self Esteem | Increase Productivity | Better Stress Management | Better Time Management | Become a Great Orator | Improve Public Speaking


Some of the Topics Covered

  • Time Management                                    

  • Self-Confidence

  • Presentation Skills

  • Digital Citizenship

  • Cyber Bullying

  • Stress Management

  • Public Speaking

  • Body Language

  • Online Safety

6 Convenient Locations

May 25 - May 26

Time 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

308, Jade Arcade, Opp. Paradise Hotel, M. G. Road, Secunderabad 500003

Contact: Nidhi Goel, Phone 8247886183

3-5-1093/4 Ambica cottage 1st floor, Sri venketeshwara colony, Narayanguda, Hyderabad 500029

Contact: Sheetal Ganatra, Phone 9494994994

The Traffic drive-in, 11-3-17/51, LB Nagar - Uppal Road, Adarsh Nagar colony, LB Nagar, Hyderabad

Contact Sonika Nakkala, Phone 9550164088

CoKarma,  4th Floor, 192, Botanical Garden Rd, Kondapur, Hyderabad

Contact Madhumita Pal, Phone 9886396141

Jains Carlton Creek, 4th floor, Clubhouse, Lanco Hills Road, Khajaguda, Hyderabad 500089

Contact Arshia Garg, Phone 8489772322

Jxtapose, 587, Rd Number 32, Aditya Enclave, Venkatagiri, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

Contact Shipra Agarwal, 9848999035

For additional information, call 888 605 5353


Our Team

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Jigna Shah

Chief Image Consultant

Helping individuals discover their full potential and identify inner strength.

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Sonika Nakkala


Is passionate about guiding the importance of human relations through Soft Skills

Nidhi (2)

Nidhi Goel


Training younger minds to make them best of their confident personalities since 13 years

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Madhumita Pal


Guides people in bringing out their personality through their appearance

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Arshia Garg


Creating customized solutions for individual clients to help them achieve their goals. 


Shipra Agarwal


Loves to enhances individuals skills in charismatic and influential manner

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Sheetal Ganatra


Mentors people in widening their horizons to be their best, making them more competent