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Image Matters as people make judgments and assumptions based on limited information.

It is essential to create a powerful first impression to be successful in personal, professional and social life.

Your image is the picture of you in the mind of others! 

Image is nothing but your appearance.

We offer solutions in various formats for individuals to enable them to project an authentic, appropriate, attractive and affordable image.

Personal Styling

Know your style

So many times it happens that we literally don’t know whether that style, that garment or that haircut suits us or not. In this very comprehensive program:

What you get:

A personal coaching session to develop a unique style based on your lifestyle needs, roles & goals in life.You learn the strategies of styling, ensuring you never make style mistakes again. You learn about your face and body shape, proportions and scale, and the structure of clothing and accessories that will suit your physical attributes.

You also discover such things as the type of fabrics that suit your body type and much more… You receive your own Personal Style Portfolio.

Functional Wardrobe

Wardrobe Audit

We use 20% of the clothes, 80% of the times.  This happens because we don’t plan and place the things in our wardrobe that can used properly.

We work with you to create your wardrobe space, to spring-clean out the things that don’t work for you, save the things that do, and work out where the gaps are. You’ll save a ton of money because we create new looks with the clothing and accessories you already have. We help you work out – What to retain, what to revamp and what to retire.

A complete audit will also include accessories like jewellery, shoes, handbags, ties, pocket squares, scarfs, hats!

What you get?

Prioritize your shopping list to add "must haves", to increase the number of outfit with less pieces. Always keep an eye on the "nice-to-haves". How to update or give a worthwhile outfit a completely new look within your budget? 

Your wardrobe will look organized, you will know exactly where to find everything and you will have a photo record of amazing outfits you never thought you had. It’s like Shopping in your wardrobe!

Ready Set Go

Travel Packing

You have an important conference somewhere followed by an informal get together and client meetings. Do you think of packing everything from your wardrobe for that just in case “I might need”, or let us help you with first of it’s kind service provided by BrandU. Learn about what to pack and how.  

This is an essential service if you:

Are short on time? Lack the discipline to take only what you really need? Don’t know how to pack less while still having enough to wear?

We are here to help you get away to your destination taking only the essentials for every business and social occasion. You still get to take your action-wear and something special. With a little planning, we will alleviate all the stress of packing and navigating yourself through the airport with cumbersome baggage.

Always be ready to travel either for vacation or business!

BrandU in 7Steps


7 Steps To Style Success - you don’t have the time and want to have a quick guide to BrandU

You will:

Learn how to

  • Plan your wardrobe.
  • Find out the magic element you need to know when buying shoes & accessories.
  • Learn how to match your ties and shirts and pocket squares.
  • Discover necklines and clothing styles that best suit you.
  • Get to know how to shop wisely.
  • Have your own Personal Style Portfolio as a reference guide.
  • Be advised on hair care, skin-care and makeup colours that best suit your complexion.

7 small steps to an all new YOU!

Colour Magic

Your Personal Colours

So many times it happens that a particular colour makes your skin glow and some colours make you look dull. We guide you how to use colours to enhance your natural colouring, hightlight your features and most important convey the right messages. Learn which colour combinations make you look healthy, youthful and alert. Use colour psychology to enhance your image and project appropriate message for a given occasion.

What you get:

Colour combinations for your skin tone a personal colour profile to take shopping, guaranteeing never to make a poor colour choice again.
Hair colour advice to suit your complexion and face shape. A jewellery audit and advice on your best ‘metals’ and stones. Your essential neutral colours for business suiting. Advice on your best colours for building a functional wardrobe

You also receive :

A makeup audit to ensure the colours you are wearing are perfect for you – Colours to blend naturally with your complexion. A make-up lesson where you will learn application techniques that have you looking you best every day. Colour notes and strategies for using your personal colour profile!

Grooming & Makeup

Did you know skin & hair products are highest selling products in the world?


Because we all love to look young and fresh, we all believe what the promoters of the product want us to believe. While a certain brand promises glow in one week, another one says in a day. Join this session on Hair & Makeup and understand your skin type, your skin tone, the products that will fit your budget. This program concentrates only on Skin Care, Hair Care & Makeup – Natural + Glamorous

What you get:

A personal coaching session on step by step makeup lesson. Understanding of the correct process for makeup application, products guide for your skin and hair type, guide to daily skin and hair maintenance regime.

Tips on how to apply makeup in your busy schedule, in less than 10 mins!

*personal shopping for only makeup products is also available at an hourly rate.

Friends and Family Workshops

Personal Customized Workshops

Get a group of friends or colleagues or parents who want their kids to know the importance of Image Management & Visual Communication. We offer half or full day seminars designed specifically with your need’s in mind. We will work to create a learning experience that is productive, valuable and inspiring.

Some of the topics we offer:

  • Projecting a High Impact Impression,  Communicate through your clothes – Understand the power of Visual Communication.
  • Body Shape Analysis – Dress according to Body shape, Countering & Reinforcing Techniques.
  • Power Dressing, Glam up casuals, Friday Dressing, Day to Night Look – Color, Patterns, Texture, Line & Shape for Corporate & Social attire.
  • Understanding Personal Style – BrandUr style and not copying from a fashion magazine.
  • Tricks to maximize your looks – the cheat sheet of looking good
  • Grooming and Makeup tips – be radiant through the day and shine in the evening Image Makers & Breakers.

More the merrier, learn things you did not know that mattered, while having fun with friends and family!!

Personal Shopping

Shopping with an Expert

It is all about getting smart with bargains, avoiding sales traps and developing an eye for quality. It’s also about saving you money because you only get what works best on you. This is a fun and practical session with tangible benefits.

Working within your budget, we help you get: those essential items you need and look good in – the ‘must-haves’. We also help with those special pieces that express your unique personality – ‘nice-to-haves’. Those extra pieces which can help you create new look.

How to put a perfect outfit with your own personal style!

Discover your style - Take the first step

Creating a brand new YOU, is just a click away! Create a lasting first impression!

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