Clusters – Save Time and Energy!


Cluster – by definition is a “Group of”. It can be group of flowers, star or CLOTHES!

Yes, you heard it right, I said Clothes.

Cluster of clothes, is group of well-co-ordinated pieces of garment which go together in terms of color, style and occasion.

Why clusters?

Clusters are important in this “new normal” even more so than before

1.      You will have to wash each and every garment as soon as you come home, may be BC (before covid) you might not have washed the garment every time. BUT NOW, YOU HAVE TO

2.      Clusters will help you save time and energy, daily, to figure out what to wear tomorrow now that your favorite jeans/shirt/skirt/kurta is in the laundry.

3.      You will look stylish and presentable no matter where you go.

4.      Enhance your confident every time you get dressed.

How do you create clusters?

Here are 3 tips to create first cluster of clothes that will work for

1.      Start with a multi colored or a patterned piece

2.     Find basic (eg: simple shirt/kurti) piece 3 top, 2 bottom which are different from each other, picking the colors from the piece that you have taken in step 1.

3.      Make sure each bottom piece works well and goes with ALL the 3 top pieces.


4.      No two pieces should look the same

5.      Add accessories that go well with all these pieces.

 Now you must be thinking… ISN’T THIS SAME AS MIX AND MATCH?

No, the difference is the cluster is versatile to work with various roles and occasion and most important difference is, each piece “goes” with other pieces (especially in the smaller cluster)

I would recommend all of you to take a look at the clothes you have, prepare clusters and save time and energy. Make your life a little easier in the AC (After Covid), to make you feel confident, presentable and trustworthy!

Take a look at the pictures for example. (Women's outfit, same concept can be used for Men's outfit)

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