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What We Offer

Everyone is born with style, we help you find yours!

Enhance your image through our custom packages to have a positive impact on your personal and professional life!

We offer Personal consultations for individuals, Corporate packages for your employess, Insititutional packages for teachers and students.


Individual Solutions

You are your brand. Image matters as people make judgments and assumptions based on limited information. It is essential to create a powerful first impression to be successful in personal, professional and social life. Your image which is essentially your message, your communication to the world is mostly visual and it is important to know the science and the art of creating a lasting impact.

We offer solutions in various formats for individuals to enable them to project an Authentic, Appropriate, Attractive and Affordable image.

Corporate Solutions

As a corporate entity, you are what people think you are.

According to a recent report from the Opinion Research Corporation (ORC), corporate image is a major part of what sells a company, its products and services…and its stock. In the study, 97 percent of the responding senior and middle managers acknowledged that image accounts for a significant measure of the successes and failures of their organizations.

What Our Clients Say

Alka Thakker

Teacher, Sproutz School

It was an interesting workshop. I enjoyed the session thoroughly. I came to know that dressing and etiquette is so important while presenting myself.

Simran Kaur Chadha

Sr. Manager, Microsoft

It was amazing how Jigna made me realize with patience, persistence and a quick demo on how I could use minimal makeup to transform my everyday looks, esp highlighting my key facial features!

Sarala Darga, mom of the participant

Time Management for Teens

Jigna’s session was interactive and she brain stormed the students on daily routines and priorities. Students were enthusiastic, and had fun. They seemed to grasp time management skills well from her explanations.

Educational Institutions

Increasing number of employers are looking for soft skills in addition to the traditional "hard" skills like mathematics and science. It is important for students to differentiate themselves by developing critical soft skills before entering the corporate world.

Some of the topics covered are: 

Art of inclusion as a team player
Corporate dressing
Dining etiquette
Meeting etiquette
Office etiquette
Internet etiquette
Time management & integrity
Work-life related soft skills
Importance of professionalism
Grooming and personal hygiene
Basics of conference calls

6 Reasons Why Your Image Matters

It takes time and effort to build the right image - Let us help you build yours!

  • Reason 2

    Company image is instrumental in increasing your business opportunities.

  • Reason 5

    When you brand yourself properly, you determine how other people perceive you instead of the other way around.

  • Reason 3

    A good corporate image or reputation is an efficient marketing and promotional tool.

  • Reason 6

    A professional image will say that this person runs a legitimate business. Would you really trust someone who wasn’t?