Jigna Shah

Running The Show At BrandU!


Jigna Shah is the founder of BrandU and the ONLY Personal Branding Coach in Hyderabad. Jigna is an internationally acclaimed and certified trainer and brings in 20 years of a unique blend of knowledge and experience to her work. Her international career enables her to apply an analytical and solutions based approach to transforming individual and business brands.

This combined with her experience as a career coach, mentor and working in a range of industries, gives Jigna a pronounced edge in assisting her clients to develop a compelling first impression and strong personal brand. She has always been fascinated by the power of Image and the way it impacts every individual in this society. She believes that every individual needs to create strong personal brand which helps them stand apart from the crowd and achieve their personal goal.

Jigna works with individuals, business owners, colleges, schools and corporate executives. She has worked with mid to senior level corporate executives. She does not believe in “cookie cutter” approach, she believes that each individual is unique in their own way. To be able to help a person enhance their uniqueness is the best approach to creating a personal brand.

Over the years, Jigna has impacted the lives of 150+ business owners, VPs, CEOs  and professionals and 1000+ students.

In addition, Jigna is a Certified Image Consultant. She also trains aspiring Image Consultants at Image Consulting Business Institute, the largest in South East Asia!

Jigna’s passion is the positive change she is able to bring to people’s lives. To quote her philosophy “My job, done well, makes life happier, easier and people more confident and connected. That’s very satisfying professionally and personally for me. Everyone has style they are born with, I just help them find it!”

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Puspita Mishra

Senior Image Management Consultant & Soft Skills Trainer

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Puspita is an accomplished training professional with over 10+ years experience in training and teaching. She is a globe trotter. She has been teaching in India as well as the US.
Soft skills, People skill sand Image management form her core expertise, making her the best at what she does.
Pushpita started her career teaching college graduates in India. She also worked at RockyHill Elementary, Connecticut and at Twin Creeks Elementary,  California,USA, where she employed learner friendly techniques for students.
Puspita also  worked at TechWorkers, California,USA as an HR Executive and was engaged in people management. She was responsible for identifying the top talent for retention as well as growth options of the firm.
Puspita is a certified  Image Consultant from ICBI. She has conducted various workshops and trainings on Image management, People Skills and Soft Skills; like presentation skills, time management, communication, etiquette and many others.

Uma Maheshwari JS

Image Management Consultant & Soft Skills Trainer

Uma Maheshwari JS is a Certified Professional Image Management Consultant and Soft Skills Trainer (Scottish Qualifications Authority) and (National Accreditation Board for Education and Training) Trained from the Image Consulting Business Institute India, under the curriculum of Judith Rasband, Conselle Institute of
Image Management, USA, Member of IMPA.
Uma is a creative and adaptable individual who is always in search of new ideas and concepts. Through the concepts of Image Management, Uma aims to instill value in people’s life through enhancing their Appearance, Behaviour and Communication according to the roles and goals of their life.
Uma is a Graduate in Business Management. Out of her passion, she has been a Personal Shopper and Stylist for varied clients over the past many years. Her vast professional experience, education and exceptional inter-personal skills, help to encourage people reach their success through the concepts of Image Management.

Arshia Garg

Image Management Consultant & Soft Skills Trainer

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Arshia Garg is an Image Consultant, and a  Soft Skills Facilitator. Arshia strongly believes that one does not need a perfect body to look attractive, instead require the perfect wardrobe to achieve the same. We often aim to ‘look good’, instead we must aim to look appropriate for any situation in life. The power of appropriate dressing gives you an edge over the others as you are able to make a positive first impression.

 "While growing up, I was always curious about styling clothes and shopping not just for myself but for anyone and everyone. Little did I know it would become my passion and profession one day. Being the daughter of a defence personnel, I grew up learning the art of self-presentation, time management and organization skills. As our family moved across different geographies, I was exposed to a multicultural society. As a result of these life experiences, I became curious about appearance management, and developing presentation skills."

 Arshia graduated from VIT University and worked as a Software Development Engineer at PayPal for 4+ years. During this tenure, she led several initiatives to make the workplace better for employees in terms of personal well being. Arshia developed empathy, communication skills, leadership qualities and bias for action in taking decisions.

 Arshia has also worked with one of the largest and fastest growing social sector organisations in India working to make poverty history, Naandi Foundation. She is very  grateful to have had the opportunity to facilitate 150+ students to raise awareness about personal hygiene.

 Creating an impactful image is not a one-day job rather it takes time, consistency and discipline to achieve. Arshia takes pride in accepting that she does  like to run things by the book. She  carefully craft customized solutions for individual clients to help them achieve their personal and professional goals.

Madhumita Pal

Image Management Consultant & Soft Skills Trainer

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Guides people in bringing out their personality through their appearance

Nidhi Goel

Image Management Consultant & Soft Skills Trainer

Nidhi (2)

Training younger minds to make them best of their confident personalities since 13 years

Shipra Agarwal

Image Management Consultant & Soft Skills Trainer


Loves to enhances individuals skills in charismatic and influential manner

Sheetal Ganatra

Image Management Consultant & Soft Skills Trainer

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Sheetal Ganatra is fulfilling her passion of training in soft skills and image enhancement with a strong belief of “There is something extraordinary in every individual”.

Sheetal has completed her Fashion Designing from Hamstech and winning accolades as an intern at H Label and not only participating in the show & sale. She has won excellence of the best team award in 2016.

She has pursued her training at the ICBI Hyderabad. Which gave her professionalism in her strong passion to help people to enhance their image and achieving goals.

Sheetal is also an active member of IMPA. she has conducted numerous workshops for Nandi Foundation.

She works with individual clients on one to one consulting and help organizations align their employees’ Image to the organization’s Image through training. She touches the lives of people from all walks of life and for all occasions of life, be it wedding image makeover, mentoring professionals for their upliftment, grooming freshers and teenagers for having a successful life ahead.

Sonika Nakkala

Image Management Consultant & Soft Skills Trainer

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Sonika Nakkala is an Image Consultant, who loves to engage in peoples' lives and improve their Image through various styles of clothing and grooming so that they can achieve their personal and professional goals. Sonika is also a Soft Skills Trainer, who is passionate about guiding the importance of human relations through Soft Skills. She strongly believes that each individual is unique in their own way and hence she loves to bring that uniqueness by helping them with everlasting First Impressions. She also understands the level of impact one can create through Personality Development with the right knowledge of Clothing, Grooming and General Etiquette.

She has been trained under the curriculum of Conselle Institute of Image Management, USA,
founded by Judith Rasband, a Certified Image Master (CIM) in the Association of Image
Consultants International and one of only fourteen in the world. She worked for Tata Consultancy Services as Assistant System Engineer for two years. She has gained profound knowledge on various fields like Communication, Negotiation, Conflict Management, Team Building, which, she believes, are the most important aspects of Soft Skills in any industry, and then was the time she decided to make a "YOU" turn in her career path, as she always finds herself satisfied when she brings change to "YOUR" life.