Why Image Management?

Domino Effect of your Image

People create First Impression in less than 3 sec. make most of these 3 seconds. Why let things that you can control affect the First Impression you create? The first thing people see about you is the way you “Appear”, your “Body Language”. Be presentable at all times! This is one of the things you can control.

If you are not presentable, it has a domino effect on other aspect which affects your image in your own mind and in the mind of others. The way we look impacts the way we feel about ourselves. Our self-image is affected by how we look, which affects our self-esteem. People with positive self-image have higher self-esteem which leads to greater self-confidence.

All impressions that we create are based on others perception of the situation and expectations. How we present ourselves for a situation is very important. Projecting the right image leads to lasting first impression!

Many people say, “I don’t judge people by their clothes”. I personally think we all judge and make impressions. From childhood we are taught to “like pretty, clean and beautiful” things. We don’t want our kids to eat a “bruised” apple! We don’t eat melted ice-cream!

So, let’s practically think about how to we are being judged every time we walk into a room full of strangers or even friends!